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The doctors and other healthcare providers at HP Long Urgent Care Clinic.

Alexandria Location

Walk-in appointments available

Urgent Care

  • Charles Norwood, MD
  • Praveen Budde, MD
  • Michael Hebert, PA-C
  • Andrew Benoit, FNP
  • Stephen Price, PA-C
  • Kevin Murphy, PA-C
  • Erricka Forrest, PA-C
  • Rebecca Hilger, PA-C
  • Charles Johnson, PA-C
  • Norma Porter, FNP
  • Kathleen Robichaux, PA-C
  • Jessica Peluso, PA-C
  • Willard Beard, PA-C
  • Mark Carbo, PA-C
  • Colin Rader, PA-C
  • Carl "Doug" Phillips, FNP

Pineville Locations

By appointment only


  • Sunil Bharwani, MD
  • Melanie Lacour, NP
  • Karla F. Carter, NP
  • Ellen M. Moore, NP


  • Wesley Davis, MD
  • Ilyas Chaudhry, MD
  • Naseem Jaffrani, MD
  • Bryan Waits, MD
  • Syed Rizvi, MD

General Surgery

  • Murtaza Shakir, MD


  • William Crenshaw, MD
  • Dustin Goudeau, PA-C


  • Jonathon May, MD


  • Peter Kastl, MD

Oral & Maxillofacial

  • Celso Palmieri, Jr., DDS
  • E. Ghali, DDS, MD